DBC Lunch 13th September

9 months ago

The theme for the DBC lunch on September 13 is the Metaverse; a shared digital 3D environment, which can be accessed in virtual or augmented reality via the internet.
The exact interpretation differs per company and an infinite number of applications are conceivable for this evolution of the internet.
For all aspects of business, from consumer to employee, the metaverse provides a continuum of rapidly emerging capabilities, use cases, technologies, and experiences.
Companies are heading for a completely new future in which the physical and virtual worlds come together.

The international management consultancy Accenture, referent of management, technology, and outsourcing services, has designed a Metaverse for its employees.
Complete with exact replicas of offices, around 150,000 new employees worldwide will be able to get to know each other and the company on their first day of work within this virtual reality.

Sebastian Veldman moved to Madrid last year to put the Enterprise Metaverse experience on the map for Accenture.
During our lunch he shares his knowledge with us and offers the opportunity to experience a Virtual Reality experience.



Image by rawpixel.com