DBC Lunch 1st March

1 year ago

Ask a Brazilian what his country’s most famous export “products” are, and they will probably mention Carnival, Football, Samba and Havaianas. The first three are obvious, the last may not.

Havaianas, the world-famous rubber flip flop, sold more than 220 million pairs last year. On average about seven pairs of flip flops per second.

Since in 1962 Havaianas created the first rubber flip flops and introduced it as a functional footwear for everyday life in Brazil, the brand has become the absolute world leader, so much so that in many countries it is the namesake for the product itself.

How did this rubber footwear for the poor become an iconic product and a global brand?

At the upcoming lunch, Merel Werners will tell us more about it. Until recently, Merel was the Marketing Director of Havaianas in Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa. Since December she is responsible for the Global Marketing of all non-flip flop categories.
On March 1st, she will talk about the 60-year history of Havaianas and the company’s ambitions to become a true global lifestyle brand.