DBC Lunch 6th June

1 week ago

From idea to successful startup.

Why do only a few startups succeed while most fail?

Exactly 3 years ago, in May 2020, our compatriot Wouter Draijer and his partner the Canadian Victor Gardrinier founded the company Solarmente.

With some savings, a rented van and living on 700 euros a month, they started installing solar panels on the Spanish roofs. Thanks in part to a financing round from Y Combinator, which raised 1.8 million euros, based on fundraising timeline, growth indicators, the composition of the founding team and several other factors, Solarmente is one of the best startups of the moment.

A Cleantech company to keep an eye on.

Last month, Solarmente signed a strategic agreement worth 50 million euros with GNE Finance. The largest amount ever received by a Spanish start-up in the energy sector. A memorable achievement and a good reason to invite Wouter to our DBC meeting on June 6th.

After the usual lunch, he will tell us more about realizing growth in startups, raising financing and how he expects to connect millions of Spanish households with the help of AI.