Dutch National Business Meeting 2022

2 days ago

The National Business Meeting 2022 will be held next Thursday 20 October between 16.30 and 23.30 and Friday 21 October between 12.00 and 14.00 in Madrid.

The NBM brings together the Dutch business community in Spain and is an excellent opportunity to meet other Dutch entrepreneurs and executives in Spain.

The central theme of the NBM 2022 will be “Entrepreneurship in roaring times: adaptation and transformation”.

The program on Thursday October 20 will take place on the 20th floor of the EY offices in Madrid and includes key-note speakers on macro-economic perspectives and a round-table discussion on business challenges. The highlight will be the Awards Ceremony for the best Dutch entrepreneur, start-up and manager in Spain! The finalists that were selected previously by the Jury, will present their business to the audience who will have a vote in selecting the winners!

On Friday October 21 the event will continue in the residency of the Dutch embassy in Madrid, hosted by the new Dutch ambassador in Spain.

For attendance on both days including a cocktail dinner on Thursday evening, we ask for a co-payment of 55€ per person.

Capacity is limited, therefore please register here to confirm your presence at this event.