Christoffel Sneijders

Christoffel tiene una Maste en Certified Coaching y es Supervisor del International Coaching Federation. Aclamado como 3 Brain Coach, International Speaker y autor del libro “Relations? Which brain is speaking?”

Jelle de Jong

Jelle de Jong, conocida por las populares series de televisión Dokter Deen y Dertigers, ha estado involucrada y activa en el mundo del teatro, la televisión y el cine desde una edad temprana. Sin embargo, hace unas semanas se marchó a Madrid para iniciar una nueva carrera como productor, emprendedor y CEO de immersive entertainment. […]

Mike Janse

Mike Janse is the Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Board of DLL. In this capacity he is responsible for the company’s country organizations. He has successfully held several leadership roles within Finance and Operations, as well as international assignments in Europe and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina). Most recently, he served as Senior […]

Max Lighthart

Max Lighthart was appointed Commercial Director for Spain and Portugal by Air France-KLM in 2022. He has a Master in Strategic Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, and a Degree in Hotel Management from the Maastricht Hotel Management School. Max began his career at KLM in 2016 in the area of business […]

Jeroen Oskam

Jeroen Oskam is the founder and managing partner of the EuroEconomics Group. He specialises in drafting (international)commercial contracts and conducting negotiations and legal proceedings involving trade law disputes.

Harm Evert Waalkens

Harm Evert Waalkens was a parliamentarian for more than 12 years and a member of the PVDA party in the House of Representatives of the States General. He was spokesman for his group on agriculture, food safety and animal protection. Owner of an ecological beef cattle farm and a dairy farm and twice (2005 and […]

Anneke Broekers-Knol

Anneke Broekers-Knol is a Dutch politician. From June 11, 2019 to January 10, 2022, she was State Secretary for Justice and Security. From October 2001 to June 2019, she was a member of the Senate of the States General on behalf of the VVD. From 2013 to 2019, she was also President of the Senate […]

Anneke Marlene

Anneke Marlene (Marja) van Bijsterveldt-Vliegenthart is a Dutch administrator and CDA politician and mayor of Delft since 2016. Previously, she was director of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund, State Secretary and Minister of Education, Culture and Science and a member of the House of Representatives of the States General.

Koen Suidgeest

Koen Suidgeest is a documentary filmmaker, photographer and teacher. A honours graduate of the University of the Creative Arts in England, Koen started his career as a cinematographer. After a short but successful stint in producing and shooting fiction, from 2002 he dedicates his time exclusively to creating documentary film and photography.

Steven Adolf

Steven Adolf is as a journalist and writer. He is an editor with the Dutch financial daily Het Financieele Dagblad, correspondent for the Dutch weekly Elsevier and the Belgium VRT radio and collaborator with several other media. He is also a researcher and consultant on governance of sustainability in fisheries and working on a PhD […]