Mike Janse

Mike Janse is the Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Board of DLL. In this capacity he is responsible for the company’s country organizations. He has successfully held several leadership roles within Finance and Operations, as well as international assignments in Europe and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina). Most recently, he served as Senior […]

Max Lighthart

Max Lighthart was appointed Commercial Director for Spain and Portugal by Air France-KLM in 2022. He has a Master in Strategic Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, and a Degree in Hotel Management from the Maastricht Hotel Management School. Max began his career at KLM in 2016 in the area of business […]

Jeroen Oskam

Jeroen Oskam is the founder and managing partner of the EuroEconomics Group. He specialises in drafting (international)commercial contracts and conducting negotiations and legal proceedings involving trade law disputes.

Frank-Jan Risseeuw

Frank-Jan Risseeuw is the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Transformation Officer and ExCo member of ING Spain & Portugal. Responsible for Transformation Management, Operations, KYC, Risk & Data Management building the next wave of banking for our Retail and Wholesale customers.Global COO Retail functional lead for Contact Centers, Daily Banking and Sustainability with a team out […]