Christoffel Sneijders

Christoffel holds a Master in Certified Coaching and is Supervisor of the International Coaching Federation. Acclaimed 3 Brains Coach, International Speaker, and author of the book “Relationships? Which brain is Talking?”

Arjen Heeres

Arjen Heeres is CEO of Decide Solutions and has extensive experience in leading multinational companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) planning and solutions. Arjen is one of the most respected executives in the advanced analytics and optimization software industry. He was co-founder of Quintiq, a leading software company in the field of resource optimization and […]

Koen Suidgeest

Koen Suidgeest is a documentary filmmaker, photographer and teacher. A honours graduate of the University of the Creative Arts in England, Koen started his career as a cinematographer. After a short but successful stint in producing and shooting fiction, from 2002 he dedicates his time exclusively to creating documentary film and photography.