DBC Lunch 3rd October

Jelle de Jong, known for the popular television series Dokter Deen and Dertigers, has been involved and active in the theater, television, and film world from an early age. However, a few weeks ago he left for Madrid to start a new career as a producer, entrepreneur, and CEO of immersive entertainment. In the coming weeks, Jelle will record the Dertigers Christmas film, but after that he says he is done with acting.

Last week the VIP premiere of Pompeii took place in the buildings of el Matadero in Madrid. Immersive entertainment, a 360-degree screen show about the last days of the city of Pompeii, its lifestyle, customs, and gastronomy. The exceptionally realistic and impressive performance has attracted 600,000 visitors to the venue in Madrid since its opening.

Immersive entertainment brings history to life and with Tutankhamun and now Pompeii, interest in this art form is so great and so global that the concept has already been sold to six locations in Germany, Austria, and to Shanghai.

At the upcoming DBC lunch, Jelle will tell us more about his company and how he, together with business partner Elisa van der Meijden, will conquer the world with immersive entertainment.