DBC Lunch 6th February

In a recent report from Colliers Global Commercial Real Estate Services, Madrid was named as one of the best European cities to invest in real estate.

Dutch investment companies and pension funds have traditionally been important investors in Spain. And many of our compatriots, including some members of our club, are active in this sector. There are also many Dutch people who do not work in the sector, but who have become infected with the Spanish real estate virus and would like to know what tax benefits can be obtained. And in Madrid there are a lot of them!

The DBC lunch on Tuesday, February 6 will focus on the “Fiscal Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in the Madrid region”.

We asked Jeroen Oskam and his company EuroEconomics to map out and list these benefits.

The presentation will be largely tailored to the specific questions of our members. These can be submitted in advance via email and it is of course also possible to ask questions during the presentation. If the theme provokes many reactions, Jeroen will also be available in the bar afterwards to explain and clarify everything in more detail.