DBC Lunch 7th March

In recent years we have been going from one crisis to another. After the financial and corona crises, the ongoing nitrogen, climate and war crises, we have entered the current global energy crisis.

A crisis acts as a wake-up call. Many things that have been taken for granted are suddenly no longer possible. This provokes a typical human panic reaction. Outside our comfort zone often lie disturbing uncertainties and changes.

For a few, however, emergencies are an added incentive to push the boundaries, be innovative and creative, and reshape the future. With a change of perspective, endless new possibilities can arise. Successful entrepreneurs see change not as a threat but as an opportunity. An example of this is our compatriot Pascal Jorritsman.

Pascal, recently crowned as the best Dutch entrepreneur in Spain, showed himself to be a true entrepreneur during the corona pandemic by switching from organizing large events to a completely different business concept, namely AIR8 Tech International, a company specialized in supplying air filtration systems. Today Air8 systems are used in more than 25,000 business spaces in Europe and Australia.

He showed how you can handle an emergency situation to your advantage and achieve great business success with it. During the National Business Meeting he gave an inspiring presentation about resilience and entrepreneurship.

At the upcoming DBC lunch on March the 7th he will do so again, supplemented with several personal anecdotes and the opportunity to ask questions.

Pascal will give his presentation in English and, as an exception, our lunch will also be open to entrepreneurs who do not speak the Dutch language or are not (yet) members of our business club. A great opportunity to meet Pascal and get acquainted with the activities of the Dutch Business Club in Madrid.