DBC Lunch 5th April

The aging of the European population is progressing unstoppably and is breaking new records every year. Despite the Covid pandemic, never so many Europeans had such a long life. Over the past five decades, life expectancy at birth for both men and women has increased by 10 years and is on average around 82 years. But aging is not only the result of increasing life expectancy. Birth rates are also an important factor. On average, women in the EU only have 1.6 children. At 1.34, this average in Spain is considerably lower. To maintain the population, an average of about 2.2 is needed.

What the causes and impact are of this negative trend in birth rates, that is the theme for our upcoming DBC lunch. We have invited Inge Kormelink for the occasion to tell us more about this subject. Inge is the CEO of the Mistral Fertility Clinics. Pregnancy clinics and assisted reproductive medicine have grown exponentially in recent years. Is this the future for the survival of humanity or a temporary trend that can be reversed through better parenting and pregnancy policies by government and companies?