Official general assembly

On January 23, the first official general assembly in the nearly 80-year history of our club will take place. The tradition of gathering on the first Tuesday of the month goes far back in time. In the late forties, representatives of major Dutch companies such as Philips, AKZO, Shell, Unilever, KLM, and Hudig Langeveldt already met for a monthly business lunch in Madrid. During these meetings, valuable information was exchanged among compatriots. In 1967, this tradition was formalized, giving rise to the ‘Nederlandse Zakenlunch Club.’

In early 2020, further formalization took place, and for the first time, the statutes of the “Asociación Empresarial Dutch Business Club” were notarized. Afterward, the board worked diligently to handle additional formalities with the Spanish government authorities, even during the challenging times of the Corona pandemic.

The following agenda items will be addressed:

  1. Opening by the chairperson
  2. Review of 2020-2023
  3. Presentation of the board members
  4. Financial accountability for 2020, 2021, and 2022
  5. Sponsors and fundraising
  6. National Business Meeting 2024 with the Dutch Entrepreneur, Starter, and Manager Awards
  7. Activities and future of the Dutch Business Club
  8. Any other business / conclusion

Regarding agenda item 7, the board’s goal is to discuss how we, as a club, want to move forward because our club belongs to and is for its members. The suggestions received during the meeting will be used by the board to contribute to the future development of the DBC.

Following the meeting, there will be a “Vino Español” offered by EY, the sponsor of this event.